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Each year we collect for a local charity over our Christmas engagements. This year our chosen charity is the Northamptonshire Alzheimers Society


Our chosen charity for 2012was
& we are delighted to announce that a cheque for £460 was handed to them earlier this year.


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On Saturday 12th March 2011 Sue Newman attended the Northants Lupus Group meeting where she presented them with a cheque for £400 from Rushden Town Band. This is from our carolling efforts at Waitrose & also
£63 from the WMC Christmas Concert Draw where Sue was able to give a brief talk about the effects of Lupus.


Each year a proportion of our carolling collection is donated to a charity. In 2009 £350 was donated to the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. In 2010 £810 was do-nated to Cancer Research UK.

LUPUS UK. Unfortunately our cornet player/treasurer Sue Newman is a sufferer of this disease. There is now a local group who state “we are a regional branch of the national charity LUPUS UK. This is a new group which began with an inaugural meeting on 16th September 2009. The purpose of the group is to create a network of lupus sufferers and carers in Northamptonshire who get to know each other and meet regularly to share experiences and ideas in re-spect of „living with lupus‟. There have been 3 group meetings so far and all were very well attended. It is intended to hold 3 meetings a year, Spring, Summer and Autumn. We need to work to raise the awareness of lupus both in the county and throughout the UK. It is astonishing how few people have heard of this disease and that includes some doctors and nurses!”

Please check out their website for further information (& where they have also linked to our website!)


n 2010 we chose Cancer Research as our nominated charity because so many of our players & their familes have been affected by this dreadful disease lately. As usual 10% of our carolling money went into the fund but we also made a collection at the WMC Christmas concert & our MD played at a wedding where he was given a donation. We were also invited to Rushden & Dia-monds final game of the season (against Luton) where we held a bucket collection before the match & during the interval. Our grand total is £810 which has been sent to Cancer Research by our Treasurer.
cancer certificate
Many thanks to everyone who has helped us support this very worthwhile cause.

Back Row: Mairi Addy, Jessica Bones, Sarah Bates, Sue WIlton
Front Row: Melanie Bones, Marion Vine, Hilary Fett, Margaret Nutt

8 female players from Rushden Town Band also play in the Northamptonshire all-female Boobs & Brass band which has currently raised over £36,000 for Breast Cancer Campaign since 2006. A new CD featuring the flugel player, John Lee, from Brighouse & Rastrick Band accompanied by Boobs & Brass is available for £10 - all proceeds go to the charity. Contact us for further details.

Michael, Hayley & Melanie

Congratulations to our 3 canoeists, Michael, Melanie & Hayley who completed the 20 mile course on Saturday 20th June down the River Ouse raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.
And they still managed to play at St Neots on Sunday as well!

2 of of our players Margaret Nutt (baritone) & Marion Vine (tenor horn)were delighted to be invited to the Breast Cancer Campaign reception at the House of Lords on Thursday 7th May to represent players from Northamptonshire's first all-female brass band "Boobs and Brass". This was in recognition of the £18,000 which the band has raised for the Campaign & they were presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award for their fundraising.

Well done to all the band girls!


Members of Rushden Town Band are delighted that they have been able to send a cheque for £350 to the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance as a result of the carolling sessions at Waitrose before Christmas 2009.
Many thanks to everyone who supported us.


We've added a new fundraising idea for you.
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