The band was originally formed in 1979 as the Rushden Windmill 'B' Band and its first conductor was Peter Berrington. It consisted of about 10 junior/learner players as well as a few interested adults and practiced at the Windmill Club in Rushden.
In 1983 the band moved out of the Windmill Club into the Working Men's Club in Griffith Street, Rushden and became known as the Working Men's Club Band. At this time Kevin Nichols became its musical director and actively encouraged new players to join.
By 1986 the band felt it was ready to enter the contesting world and the members were quickly rewarded for their efforts by qualifying for the National Finals in the 4th Section. Kevin's drive and enthusiasm led to the band becoming very busy performing concerts and contests all over the region. Kevin remained with the band until 1988 when Lloyd Landry took over for his first stint as musical director.
In 1990 the band appointed Trevor Groom, the renowned Euphonium player, as its musical director and the following year the band were offered practice facilities in Manton Road and the band was then renamed the Rushden Town Band.
Trevor remained with the band until 1993 and was replaced by Harold Howarth who had been the bands very talented principal cornet for a number of years. Sadly Harold's health began to fail and so, in 1994, he relinquished the baton to David Twitchings. It was with great sadness that the band learned of Harold's death in 1996.
In 1997 a junior band was reformed by Reg Dilley and Alan Acreman and the following year the band were delighted to receive a grant from the National Lottery which allowed them to buy a brand new set of instruments.
In 1999 the band performed in the Royal Parks in London for the first time and also saw their first contest win after a long succession of 2nds and 3rds over many years.
In 2000 the band took part in the 'Proms Night' concert at Wicksteed Park however David Twitchings decided to step down as musical director after some six years in charge and was replaced by Sean Millsom. From 2000 to 2002 the band continued to maintain a sizeable engagement list although decided to stop contesting.
In December 2002 Sean left the band and Lloyd Landry re-joined as its conductor for the 2nd time. Lloyd is probably more well known in brass band circles as a contest adjudicator and under his direction the size of the band increased and a decision was made to re-start contesting with the aim being to play at the areas in the Spring of 2004 so it was rather a surprise when in late 2003 Lloyd announced that he wanted to take a break from conducting and concentrate on other things.

Peter Vine was apppointed Musical Director in 2004

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