The Aim of the Junior Class

The juniors meet every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm at Rushden WMC. Mike & Hilary Hill (both schoolteachers) attend every rehearsal & represent the juniors on the Senior Band committee. At least one other adult helper will teach youngsters to become future "bandspeople".

Before joining, the youngster needs to be able to read basic music & it is a great help if they are having individual lessons. Once they join our group they appear to improve & enjoy each other's company! Each child will need to provide their own instrument. Subscriptions are £12.50 a quarter (£50 for the full year) which we can collect weekly. Once a player joins the main band an instrument will be available for them.

The aim of the Junior Class is to eventually provide new players for Rushden Town Band and it is hoped every child will want to take part in engagements, solo/quartet contests and weekly rehearsals.

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